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                              Sales Order/Layaway Agreement  You must agree to the following terms: All sales are final. A non-refundable deposit of 20% is required to start a sales order/layaway. The term for antique, pre-owned and new furniture items is 30 days unless another term is agreed upon by both the buyer and seller. The term for ordered in items is 30 days to 90 days. Ordered in items with the 90 day agreement must be agreed upon by both buyer and seller at date of purchase. Exact arrival of ordered in items cannot be promised. Please allow a minimum of 4-24 weeks for arrival to the store. Dates are estimated and subject to change without notice. Seller not responsible for delays. No Promises can be made on the arrival time of an item being ordered in. Special orders: Any item not currently in stock. Once the item receives tracking information the item is unable to be canceled. A sales order/layaway that is not paid in full within the terms agreed upon will be placed back on the sales floor and a 20% restocking fee will be charged, any remaining funds will be returned to the buyer in the form of a store credit valid for one year No cash refunds. Long Term storage of furniture, anything past 90 days, may receive a storage fee of $1 per day per item until picked up or delivered.


                                 Delivery is made by appointment only by the delivery staff. Sales staff does not make delivery appointments. Each delivery has 2.5 hour delivery window. Please make sure all pets are locked away for their safety and the delivery staff. If there is a complication with being present for the delivery please call the store to make adjustments. Please be sure to measure even if you feel sure it will fit. Quite often if you have corners to turn, staircases, handrails, or doors that don't wing open all the way , your furniture may not always fit. Please consider the length and the width of the furniture. Doorways must be 32in to fit most non-reclining furniture. We are not able to modify the structure, such as taking apart a window. The delivery staff does have the right to refuse to deliver if they feel it is unsafe, unable to fit, or a delivery staff judgment that has also been approved by management. Upon a refused delivery the client will not be refunded their delivery charge. If this would be disputed, a refund would have to be as a gift card with management approval.

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